"Every suture placed actually requires an exact amount of tension, which can be different with every suture placed.  In other words, precision is an absolute requirement."

"Surgical knot tying is a priceless skill that needs mastered BEFORE you’re elbows deep in the OR.  Once you’re in surgery with your supervising physician/surgeon breathing down your neck, you either have the skills or you don’t. "


Unique Character

“KnotBored has heightened my confidence as a student. It's allowed me to progress from basic knot technique to a more advanced mastery of fine motor skills in tight spaces, an invaluable skill in the surgical setting."


Modern Design

Built for students, cheaper & more interactive than books! Sharpen your skills for rotations to set you apart from your competition - your preceptor will notice. Land your dream job right out of school.

The KnotBored is a realistic tool for improving your skills, reducing medical errors and increasing patient safety. Small and portable, our design ensures correct hand placement, and allows for tying under tension, and tying and suturing at depth.

Dr. Carl Palumbo, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Orthopedic Sports Clinic

Dr. Peter Walinsky, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Presbyterian Heart Group

Precision-crafted, top-of-the-line educational tool. Individually made in Idaho, with hand-selected pine, KnotBoreds are built to last.  They're durable & will hold up for years of practice and refresher skills.


The KnotBored Team is committed to enhancing healthcare student skills and providing top-notch care to patients. Underserved and rural patients have a particular place in our hearts. Therefore, we donate a portion of every KnotBored sale to a scholarship fund that is disbursed annually to current health professional students to help offset costs for medical mission trips. To apply for this scholarship opportunity, contact us at theknotbored@gmail.com. 

Unbeatable valuE


Colette Cremeans, PA-S

PA Student

Idaho State University

"Tying knots is imperative in all fields of surgery & KnotBored is a valuable piece of equipment that can be used by medical students, surgical residents, physician assistants and surgical assistants to enhance and expedite their complete understanding of this essential skill"

Each KnotBored includes surgical tubing to tie under tension, a hook for knot tying, a cup for tying and suturing at depth, a vessel for 2-person ligation, and a removable suturing pad. Allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery due to order volume. 

Jim Thomas, PA-C

Surgical PA

Premium Quality

Our hands-on learning tool lets you practice real surgical skills and techniques before you ever enter the OR.  Become proficient in surgical knots, suturing, and vessel ligation. KnotBoreds are VITAL to the aspiring health professional. 

The KnotBored

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